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What is Trauma?

David Dardashti is a leader in holistic healing, research on trauma and anxiety, and on helping people discover the true power within themselves through his treatments.

Your Journey Is Only Beginning

Every human deserves the opportunity to reach their full potential, heal their personal wounds, and strengthen their body, mind, and spirit. We hope to be part of that important journey.

Our Services

holistic health

Our mission is to treat the whole human, finding the root of anxieties and trauma, not just treating the symptoms.


Anxiety is something we all suffer with. But for too long, it’s been treated as a ‘side effect’ of living. We find ways to reduce it so it’s not something you struggle with every day.


What can we achieve when we are truly free to see our full potential? We are passionate about building that strength.

Immune therapy

The body’s immune system can work miracles. We make sure it’s functioning at its best, and helping heal things that simply can’t be helped with drugs or medicines.


Whether it’s substance abuse, or other forms of addiction, there is a path forward, and we’ve dedicated our careers to highlighting it.


Feeling empowered means having the confidence to pursue your passions, and the strength of knowing that you’ll be able to achieve them.